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Modern Competition Takes

Modern competition
Modern Competition Takes

  • The competition takes place on Calton Hill. it\'s a procession, that starts at the memorial (know to Beltaners because the Acropolis) and yield anti-clockwise round the path meeting numerous teams on the approach. The procession is driven by the beat of drums that urge it inexorably towards summer. At the procession’s head is that the missy and also the inexperienced Man, followed by a procession of characters United Nations agency square measure in and of itself coupled to them and their journey.
  • Their destination is punctuated by numerous teams United Nations agency either facilitate or hinder their progress towards the inexperienced Man’s fate and also the could Queen’s destiny.
  • After a dramatic stage performance signifying the origination of summer the missy and inexperienced Man spark the birth of summer by lighting a large balefire. The performance then moves into its community part. All the participants congregate in an exceedingly place referred to as the Bower. From here the finishing movements of the competition square measure vie get into a dance of reds and whites. this is often conjointly wherever the house comforts of heat, food and drink square measure provided to the tired and sometimes terribly cold performers and crew. The boundaries between performers and audience then fades and also the competition, performers, music and audience drowse off into the night, confiscating the reminiscences of a singular and special event.

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